Smart Wearables

It may not be popular, it may seems a little exaggerating and expensive, but things have changed… In this year 2014, it is a new and a prosperous year for the smart wearables. In the past, smart wearables or rather smart watches seems to be only possible in holly wood movies such as James Bond which uses his smart watch to communicate with the respective agents. Using his phone to drive his vehicle through the city seems extremely sci-fi. However, right now, whatever James Bond did with his high-tech gadgets, all is almost now possible to do so with just our smartphones and smart watches. If I remember correctly, right now there is even an application that allows you to control your car! You may refer to this link here :  for a simple reference on one of the most fascinating technology that you will ever see. Well, lets put all the smartphone aside and lets talk about the smart wearables.

Once again, Samsung is the one who start the whole new era of smart watches. However, we may not even realising it, the first smart watch actually debuts already in 1972! At that time, ‘ Pulsar ‘ was the first digital watch which was capable to store 24 digits, making it the first watch with user-programmable watch in 1982. Made by Seiko, slowly they evolve until out present day digital watch that is capable to store memory and also programmable by the user. Casio is also one of the first & leading brands to hit the market too with their digital watches. Even till today, Casio’s watches is extremely popular around the world, especially for their Baby-G and G-Shock series. Before I got my smart watch, I was using one of Casio’s G-Shock series. Extremely reliable, in terms of quality and battery life. It has been four years ever since I start wearing it and right now apart from the strap that is a little worn out, it is still completely intact. Alright, enough history of digital watches, let’s talk about what is so unique about the smart watches.

Conventionally, our digital watch is only able to display time, date, stop watch, and timer to us. In September 2013, the first smart watch, Samsung Galaxy Gear makes it’s debut. This smart watch is not only capable to do what is mention in my previous sentence, but also your notifications too. Be it whether there is a new text message, email or an incoming call, you smart watch is able to help you to read or reply them without you touching your phone. The concept of the Samsung Galaxy is to ‘ To minimise interaction between you and your phone ‘ said by Samsung. Nowadays, these smart watches acts as a external bluetooth device. Upon pairing with your smartphone, any messages/email that is send to your phone will be synchronise automatically to your smart watch as such that you are able to view them instantly, although you can’t really reply through your watch though. As for incoming calls, you can answer and pick them up though your smart watch. Calls will be loud speaker that is found on the smart watch and we can answer by just talking to the watch, since there is a built-in mic too. Apart from that, we can see the weather forecast too, since it uses your phone’s mobile data to do so. There are many more built-in features too, such as pedometer to measure your step count and also the capability of finding your device if you misplace your phone. As long as your smart watch is paired with your phone and it is within the range 10 meters, then yup it will light up your phone as well as ringing it too. In addition, there is even a built in 1.9 megapixel camera on the smart watch for you to take some quick snapshots! Cool right?

The market demand for smart watches isn’t very high last year, after the the first Samsung Gear makes it’s debut in September 2013. However, this year especially when the new Samsung Gear 2 is launched with 2 variants available, the sales of the smart watch shoot straight up in just a couple of months. Ever since it was shipped to Singapore, apart from the Pebble Steel, the Gear 2 was leading in the market too. However, like some other experts have said, their leading sales could be due to currently they are the only smart watch available that is capable of many other features such as heart rate monitor, etc. Well, once LG’s new smart watch together with other respective brands such as HTC, Lenovo, etc arrives in Singapore, we can then see the competition.

All of them are mostly IP67 rating right now, which means that they are able to withstand up to 1 meter depth for 30 mins under water so no worries during wet weather. Also, if you prefer a mono tone screen smart watch like any other digital watch available, Pebble Steel is for you then. Your notifications, your calls, yup you are able to do so with the smart watch. The only difference from Gear 2 or Sony smart watch is that it is not AMOLED, just a mono tone screen. If you want to be like me, having a unique smart watch for certain purposes (such as able to pick up calls from your watch) yup do consider getting one though. In future, it is possible that all watches next time will be at least ‘ smart ‘ haha. In the past, yes it seems impossible because it is not necessary and it’s pricey. But right now, with technology so advanced it sort of became a need to get a smart watch or for a tech geek like me. Also, it is more affordable right now, like the Pebble Steel you can get it at only SGD$150. In conclusion, do we really need the smart wearables? You will decide for it.


Interesting Features By Samsung Galaxy S4

Hey guys what sup! Today I will be covering some of the features that is available in the Samsung Galaxy S4. What I am covering today is not about the specifications of the phone, but new features that Samsung have added in to their one of the latest flagship models. Surprisingly, I can guarantee that at least 85% of the user do not know how to use or know that they have these cool features built in their Galaxy S4. So, lets start with the camera first.   Apart from the 13 megapixels rear camera and 2 megapixels front camera, you also get this feature called ‘ Dual Shot ‘. This feature allows you to capture the moment that you would like to remember as well as not leaving you out of the scene. What I do mean by that? Basically, this feature make use of both your front and rear camera. It will be like what as it is displayed below: So, apart from a normal conventional photo taking, you can now also take a selfie at the same time. Using the 2 cameras at the same time, you can have your face being added inside the photograph too.  Also, by bring the up arrow that is located at the bottom centre of your phone, you can choose the frames that you want for the dual shot. Basically, Samsung’s concept of this feature is ‘ See both sides of the story ‘.   The second feature that I want to share with is called ‘ Sound & Shot ‘. This feature basically allows you to record your moment down while taking your photograph. So, it works when you change to mode of the camera to this Sound & Shot mode. Then, after taking a photograph with your phone, your phone will actually record all the sound available for 9 secs. Afterwards, next time when you view you photograph, remember to turn up your volume because it is gonna replay the sound that it has been recorded while you view your photograph. Cool right? I tried the feature myself, it is awesome! Samsung concept for this feature is that ‘ Listen to your photos ‘. Whatever photograph that you took with your S4 comes with sound, so now you can actually recall what was it like at that time when you took the photograph, not just looking at it.   Thirdly, we will also have this feature called ‘ Drama Shot ‘.  This feature basically enables you to merge a series of photos together in 1 frame so that its actually creates a collage in hoping to tell a better story than a single photograph. How this feature works? This feature basically only works in moving objects such as people or a ball. For example, this basketball player is about to make a dunk. Through this feature, I am able to shoot a photograph of how he achieve that. Take a look at the example below: Merging 5 shots into a frame, this is what you will get from the feature ‘ Drama Shot ‘. Concept of feature is to ‘capture every action in one photo‘, according to Samsung.   Although there are much more features in the S4’s 13 megapixels camera, I will cover more of them in my following review. This is because it is extremely long for me to cover every single feature so pardon me for that. Basically, this 3 features are the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera. Alright, enough complaining, let cover the main built-in features available. The first one that I am going to cover is ‘Group Play‘.   Seems totally new to you? Yup, it is a new feature launched by Samsung in hoping to ‘ share the enjoyment with friends ‘. So, what is this so cool feature that I don’t even know? In the past, I’m not sure whether you guys did this before but back before the Samsung Galaxy S4 is launch, me and friends ever tried to play the same music track at the same time in hoping to create a sort of a set of stereo speakers. Often irritated because we are unable to get the timing right, either a second lag or to fast. Thanks to Samsung, we no longer have any difficulty in playing the same music track with our friend’s phone. With the all new ‘ Group Play ‘ feature, we are able to share music and photos with any other Samsung devices that has this feature too. (E.g Note 3) Cool right? The new 4.3 Jelly Bean update is even more cool. You can now share videos too, be it a movie or a short video clip. Thus, if you have any friends that is using Samsung devices which have this feature too, only one word from me: Enjoy! If you think that 2 devices is not enough, not to worry because all you need to do is to find another 4 friends that is using S4/Note 3. The ‘ Group Play ‘ feature enables you to connect up to 6 devices. You can even select which devices are the left and right speakers, creating a surround sound. I tried it myself, you will not regret.   The another feature that I am going to cover is called ‘ S Translator ‘. Yup, from the name you know that it’s gonna be a language translator. ‘ No more language barriers ‘, which is Samsung wants in hoping to achieve. With this feature, not to worry if you are going to communicate with a foreigner, be it your relatives or for work purposes. This feature is very simple to operate. Either you speak to your phone or you type the message that you want to translate since it is more accurate. With this feature right now, not to worrying in communicating with your foreign friends or people. However, do take note that this feature requires Internet connection to work. One final feature that I will be covering before I end my tutorial for the day, it is a smart feature that is found in the S4, called ‘ Samsung WatchOn ‘. Another new feature launched by Samsung, this feature basically turns your device into an universal remote control. ‘ Remote control for? ‘, another question that is often asked by the consumers. Of course, it is for your Television & other supported devices. Cool right? If you have multiple TVs monitors you can now synchronise all of them into your phone to become an universal remote control. Not necessarily to be a Samsung TV, this feature is compatible with all kinds of TVs as long as you can find the brand in the whole list available in the feature. So, you might wonder where is the Infra-Red blaster located at the Galaxy S4? Well, take a look at the picture below: Located at the top right-hand side bezel of the S4, it is pretty easy to locate it since it is pretty distinctive apart the audio jack. Like what I have mention earlier, TV are not the only devices that only works with this ‘ Samsung WatchOn ‘ feature. The type of devices compatible with this feature will be as listed below:

 – Television

    – DVD Player

       – AV Reciever

                              – Streaming Media Player

                                            – Air Conditioner (New Update )

 The ultimate remote control ‘ is the concept of this feature by Samsung. Definitely no doubt about it. In my opinion, Samsung is trying to ease the access of remote controls of multiple devices. If you have a lot of devices mention above, then you will find this feature very useful in terms of ease of access and convenience. Conventionally, you have at least 5 remote controls to handle and just finding them alone could be a hassle if your living room is pretty messy. Now, the All-In-One remote control is here, on your phone. Also, type of device compatible recently has a new update, which Samsung has now added the Air Conditioner compatibility too. Now you can even control your temperature or fan-speed just using your phone alone! Awesome right? However, as it is still in beta, you might not be able to find certain brands inside like me. Nevertheless, you still can send a missing brand report to Samsung like what I did when I can’t find my air-con Toshiba. Do note that this feature requires internet connection, so make sure you connect to your Wi-Fi first in order to minimise your data charges.

The last feature that I am going to cover before I end of will be ‘ Air Gesture ‘. Have you wonder whether can you command your phone using ‘ magical powers ‘. Well, of course I’m not going to gimmick anything today, however right it is sort of possible to do so. With the all-new feature launched by Samsung, the ‘ Air Gesture ‘ is something that will amazed you with you being addicted to it too. Basically, the ‘ Air Gesture ‘ is a summary of 5 features that are available in the Samsung Galaxy s4. Concept of this by Samsung is ‘ A simple and new approach from the ordinary touch. Let’s see how Samsung manage to fulfill it…

Here are the listed features:

Quick Glance ( Enables you to get a quick glimpse at your notifications, time, date etc )

Air Jump ( Allows you to scroll up & down the web pages without touching your device ) – Air Browse ( Allows you to command your device without touching it when glancing over your photos/changing music tracks ) –Air Move ( Simply enables you to change your icon’s location using hand gestures ) – Air Call-Accept ( Hands dirty or busy with something? Use this feature to pick your calls up without touching your devices ) Seems pretty hard to operate them? Not to worry, I will give you a short tutorial on them listed below :   The Air Gestures settings let you control your mobile device by making specific movements with your hand above the proximity and gesture sensors. To access Air Gestures settings, from the Home screen, touch Menu Menu key > Settings Settings Shortcut > My device Settings My device Tab icon > Motions and gesturesSettings Motion icon > Air gesture. Touch the slider Slider Off next to Air gesture to turn it on Slider On . There are five different types of air gestures. Touch the slider Slider Off next to a feature to turn it on Slider On . Touch the gesture name for a quick tutorial on how to use the gesture. You can also try using the feature by touching Try it. Learn about Sensor The proximity and gesture sensors are at the top-right corner above the screen. When air gestures are available, Air Gesture Status Bar Icon will appear at the top of your screen. The sensors recognize gestures when you make smooth, steady movements up to three inches above the sensors.     Quick Glance Gesture

  • Quick glance: When the device is on a flat surface with the display facing upward and the screen is turned off, move your hands above the sensors to display status information. Place a check mark next to each item you wish to display on the information screen. Select from Time & DateNotification iconsMissed callsUnread messagesBattery power, and Current music info.

Air Jump Gesture Motion

  • Air jump: Scroll through webpages and emails by moving your hand up or down above the sensors.

Air browse Gesture Motion

  • Air browse: Move to the next or previous item by moving your hand left or right above the sensors. Place a check mark next to each application you wish to enable. Select from GalleryInternetMy Music,Music on lock screen, and S Memo™.

Air move Gesture Motion

  • Air move: Move icons to other screens by touching and holding them and then moving your other hand left or right over the sensors. This gesture is available on the Home screen, Applications menu, and Calendar.

Air call-accetp Motion Gesture

  • Air call-accept: Accept incoming calls by moving your hand over the sensors. By default, the speakerphone will be activated when the call is answered. Clear the checkbox next to Auto start speakerphone to disable this feature.

Alright, that all I have for you today. Basically, I have covered most of the main features of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Hopefully, I have give you guys a brief tutorial on the new interesting features launched by Samsung. If there is wrong information provided by me, so sorry about that and kindly leave a comment below to give me your feedback. Thanks a lot for reading my review!


( Source of tutorial & pics is taken from  http: //  . The respective tutorials and pics belongs to Samsung & it’s respective owners, not by me)

Getting Your New Smartphone/Tablets?

‘This phone is making me crazy!’, ‘What is with this irritating notification that keeps popping out?’, “Hey, I thought this Note 3 very good? Why liddat?’. Are this some of the common questions or complains that you often made when you encounter problems with your new phone? Well then, I am here to talk about it. Sometimes, it might not be your phone’s problem, it could be user perharps YOUR OWN problem with the phone. Working in Samsung, Nokia & Gadget World as a part-time sales associate, I realised  that at least 85% of the people selects their phone according to trend, range and mostly through the advertising done by the respective IT giants. What do I mean by that? I will tell you more specifically that I mean trend, range and advertisement. Buying phones have changed over the years. People no longer just get a phone to make a call, SMS and listening to the FM radio. Consumers now buy their phones not only because of what I have mentioned in my previous sentence, but also they look at the new features available, entertainment and many other factors including budget, uses, etc.


I can guarantee one thing before I start, that at least 75%  of the people buys their phone/ tablets according to trend. Trend starts when a particular product gets popularity from the consumers, people will purchase that particular phone just because everyone is owning it. For example, let’s take the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as a example. When it was launched on September in Singapore, everyone was talking about it. Those consumers that I would refer them as ‘Kan Chiong Spider’ will be the first to get the Note 3, be it with or without contract. It was like: ‘Hey! I’m the first to get the Note 3! Shiok ah!’. This is the typical statement we Singaporeans loves to say. Afterwards, here comes the after sales problem. Five days later, some of the customers will come back complaining that they are facing some issues with the Note 3. When ask upon the issue that they are facing, some questions that only require  common sense start popping out. I’m pretty straight-forward here, so pardon me if I offend you in certain ways from my speech. These are some of the questions that I recieve from the customers:  ‘Hey, why my phone keep prompting me what application update? Is it something wrong with the phone wah lao I just buy yesterday leh!’ ‘Why my phone hangs whenever I*&%^$#%$…’ ‘Hey boy ah, my phone don’t know why got so many strange buttons, if accidentally press them my phone will spoil or not?’


Yup, this is some of the questions that is often asked my consumers and the number just keep increasing over the time as more and more people buy the phone. I can understand if you are a new user to the operating system, such as porting over to Android from IOS. New user interface definitely is a brand experience, thus this is exceptional. However, how is it possible for someone who has been using android for a period of time and still coming to me and ask whether or not should he/she update the application.  This is still ok with me, until he/she said ‘Oh I see haha previously I update the application too should be alright then.’ My facial expression for upon hearing that? Definitely is WT*.


Alright yup I have been complaining non-stop, can’t help it ever since I step in Samsung and Nokia for 3 months. But, let’s come to the main topic.  So, tips on getting a phone that you will definitely “obedient’ you for another 2 years? This is what you should do:


-Ask yourself what do you want/need your smartphone to have? E.g Capability of running high-end games without a lag? Multi-Tasking?

-Are you someone who is thirsty for features available(P.s Like I Am XD) or just wants a simple user interface but not compromising the performance of the phone?

– Apple IOS? You’re talking about simplicity,work and entertainment.

– Google Android? You’re talking about open source(which means you can download files anywhere from the internet), easy in transferring data around, such as copy, cut & paste. Customizable User Interface in terms of making your favorite themes.

-Microsoft Windows? You’re talking about purely on work use. Easy configuration of work (Such as email). Has a pre-installed Microsoft mobile office inside. Easy transferring of data(Only applies to Windows Phone 8 & above).


Right now in the market high in demand are only these 3 available user interfaces. Each have their unique points with many benefits too. But, nothing is perfect. IOS’s only main problem is that everything including transferring your photos around your devices MUST use iTunes. For consumers who wants the data transferring to be extremely simple will find IOS irritating as by just transferring 1 file requires that iTunes to do so. As for Android, the main problem is also the issue that is facing by PCs too. That problem will be their vulnerability to virus. As they are open source, you can download files anywhere form the Internet which you know there is a risk of getting viruses in your phone too. Also, as time passes with continuous usage of downloading applications and unistalling them, junk files will start to accumulate over time. Thus, if you are using an Android phone for more than a year, are you feeling that you phone starts to lag and do not have enough internal storage space although you might have a 16 GB internal storage? Yup, that is the few symptoms  that you will face if your phone has too much junk in it. Not to worry, all you need to do is to download one very simple application…


First, download this application named ‘Clean Master‘.


Secondly, you will come to this page upon installing the app. Go to  ‘Junk Files‘.



Then, wait for the application to complete it’s scan before inform the amount of junk available for clearing. Then, press ‘Clean‘.

Afterwards, it will inform you that how much it has cleared for you that’s all. Basically, it just clears all the junk in your phone. Do note that you can release some RAM(software processes) too through the ‘Task‘.


Yup, basically that’s all I have for you today. Do remember that you buy your new smartphone/tablet through what you NEEDS, not TREND. Ask yourself many questions. Is this phone suitable for me? Is is what I want? Is it capable to do this & that etc). Then, look at the brands that are available for your needs. For example, if you are looking to get IOS as your UI, definitely there is only Apple available. However, if you are looking at Android, then there is quite a number of companies available such as Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, etc. At this point you will have to ask yourself which phone is the most suitable for what you one. Each company have their own concept. Samsung focused mainly in their features and accessibility to your data almost anywhere, whereas for Sony they mainly focus on handling our careless daily usage such as being dust & water-resistant. HTC mainly on audio through their powerful built-in speakers, such as collaborating with Beats. LG will be somewhat similar to Samsung, mainly on features too. For windows, the main disadvantage will be having much lesser apps then IOS and Android. Although right now they may have approximately 2700000 apps available, Android & IOS have at least a few times more. Fortunately, almost all the important social applications are available, certain apps let’s say games they are more limited. However, you might want to overlook these issues as they have Microsoft office pre-installed which means any documents, presentations and Excel sheets you are able to access and edit them. If you are looking for a Windows phone, I will highly-recommend Nokia. This is because not only you get extremely powerful cameras( like the Nokia Lumia 1020), but also first smartphone in capable of using offline GPS navigation system without even putting a SIM card in.


I would like thank your time in reading my wonderful and dry advice, hopefully it is able to help you in getting your next smartphone/tablet. Thanks alot!



Need For Speed

From this title, yup that’s right I’m gonna talk about cars. Ever since I was a young kid, cars have always been one of my favorite hobby, in terms of collection and media. Their designs, looks, sounds of the engine roaring fascinated in every single way.  Over the years as I grew together with my interest,  slowly I pursue towards my interest. Whenever I sees a automobile that I had been fascinated by, I will look into it. Every detail & information about that particular car available, I will go and read about it. Well, let’s talk about how cars evolve and it was invented. In the 17th-18th century, Ferdinand Verbiest , a member of  a Jesuit mission in China, built the first steam-powered vehicle around 1672 as a toy for the Chinese Emperor. It was of small enough scale that it could not carry a driver. However, that marks the evolution of the automobile world.



So, the photo above is the toy car made by Ferdinand Verbiest.


So, over the years as humans develop with their inventions continuously, a toy that was made originally for entertainment purposes without the feature of holding a single human became possible around the early 1800s. Not only the steam-powered automobile was capable of fetching the driver only, but a family of four. Able to travel at least 4.5 miles per hour, it was consider quite fast at that time. Afterwards, around the the 1900s, cars evolves in all sort of design, size, purpose and also the most distinctive features of all, a gasoline engine.

How vehicles evolve as time passes with also technological advancement? I will show you some examples here:


On left hand side is a road washer during the late 1800s to the early 1900s whereas on the right side is our modern day road washer. Clearly apart from design, efficiency, appearance and hardware you can see how automobiles develop according to the technological advancement. In terms of efficiency, our modern day road washers is faster, more water conserving and definitely mush cleaner because of the automated sprinkles instead of water jets.


I have an example here also. On the left hand side, we have a 50-horse power 1900s sports car that is used for racing events such as indianapolis 500. On my right, we have a new 2014 McLaren 650s which has a whooping 641 brake horse power, way a few times more. The “Prinz Heinrich” have a top speed of 100km/h whereas for the 650s it is capable of doing 333km/h, more than 3 times faster. Both were built and developed by Mercedes-Benz, interms of design as you can see the 650s feels more sleek, sexy and sportier than it’s great-grand father.


Alright, with that I would like to wrap up what I have wrote about automobiles today. Covering a little part of it’s rich history, there is still a lot more to learn and find out more about them. Automobiles are complex machines, but the convenience and benefits returned by them is definitely worth the study.

My Review On Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505)~~

Hey guys what’s up! Today is my first time doing a product review some pardon me if there is any broken English or wrong information given. So, let’s not waste anytime. Remember 3 years ago when the Galaxy S2 was launched in April, it totally change people’s perspective of android, since at that time IOS was much more successful in terms of more applications or perhaps, a new era of smartphones. From then, people starts to try out the Galaxy S2 since it is a totally brand new experience at that time. Also, as Android is an open source OS, transferring data from phones to any electronic devices such as computers has never been easier as copy/cut & paste. As for Apple Iphone 4, which was launched in June 2010, requires Itunes in order to transfer data around. Thus, people wanted a device that is easier in terms of transferring data around. With that, the Galaxy S2 went crazy in sales, with almost everyone(even myself) suddenly have the urge of getting an Android Samsung smartphone instead of Apple. Afterwards, Samsung progressed well enough to produced stunning HD resolutions and a better camera in the Galaxy S3(due to Super AMOLED), then right now the back with more features built in, the Galaxy S4. I know it is pretty late to do the review right now, since S4 was launched last April, but as a user myself, I will do a full review on it also some tutorials on how to use the features available.   So, lets look at the hardware first. It has a Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600 1.9Ghz processor with 2GB ram. Thus, in terms of performance it is much more better than the Galaxy S3 since is only quad-core 1.4Ghz & 1GB ram . So, it is much more smoother, less lag when playing high-end games(E.g Asphalt 8, Shadowkill Deadzone, etc)  and definitely a much display and graphics. This is because the S3 is only HD resolution of (1280 x 720p) whereas for S4 is Full-HD (1920 x 1080p). Also, you will get to see more details out of  the graphic, especially with a pixel density of 441ppi in contrast to 306ppi. For camera wise, unlike in the S3 with only 8 megapixels, you will be getting a 13 megapixels with more built-in features in the S4.  I will talk more about the features later in my next review. Battery capacity of 2600 mah instead of 2100 mah, it should be able to last you you for all-day usage unless you are a heavy user or upgrading the software to 4.42 kit-kat(Since it is the case for me). Running on Android 4.3Jelly Bean is perfectly fine. So, key hardware differences from S3?

S3/4 FrontSide Comparison

From the top, you can see that the S4 feels more horizontal whereas the S3 feels more curvy at the side. This could be due to the curve bezel of the S3 as the AMOLED is a little curve at the side. Thus, based on my experience, starters like me will feel that installing the screen protector on the S4 will be much easier whereas the S3 will requires additional effort to install accurately~~   Back View                   Full S4 Back View   Alright, lets talk about the back view of both the S3 & S4. They both can be distinguish through the size of the camera, where the LED flashlight as well as the speakers that are located at respectively.  The back cover of the S4 has a different toning and designs compared to the S3 too.   Blue Arctic S4                        Aurora Red S4   Colours available for S4? Initially, Only White Frost and Black Mist was launched in Singapore. Then, if I remember correctly, Aurora Red and Blue Arctic(GT-I9506) was for sale for only a period of time around end of July.You might be wondering why the model number of both the red and blue S4 are different from the black and the white? Well, that is because Samsung launched a new version of the S4 called Galaxy S4  with LTE+/Cat 4. I will talk about the key differences in a while.


Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Purple-Mirage   pink-twilight-galaxy-s4-3   GS4_VerizonBrown_WP

Finally, last and the only one to be announced in Singapore, the black edition arrives this year’s March. Basically, they key differences of the S4 black edition/with LTE+ is that it is totally black with a leather like feel back cover(similar to the note 3)  and a much faster quad-core processor of 2.3Ghz instead of 1.9Ghz was installed in the new S4 black edition(GT-I9506). Also, Cat 4 LTE means 150 mbps 4G speeds capability unlike the conventional Cat 3 which is only 50 mbps. Then, you can also find a Purple Mirage, Pink twilight and Brown Autumn S4. Unfortunately, these colours are not launched in Singapore which means we can only get them in other countries though such as the brown S4 which is only launched in Verizon.


S4 Gold Edition                                               samsung_s4_3_1

What surprised me was this gold edition S4 that was launched in the Middle East market. These limited edition S4s was to target wealthy buyers who were seeking for the gold predecessors. Only available in initially,right now it is actually globally sold out now and probably we will never get to see one in real life, since these S4 comes in a heavy price. You can read more in these few  links if you are interested to know more about the Galaxy S4 Gold Edition :

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Released in Middle East Market


So should you buy the S4? Well, if you are not towards the all-new S5 or a bigger brother which is the Galaxy Note 3, then perharps yes. Since the Note 3 has more features built-in with all the S4 features too, then perharps this will be easier for you to use as a daily entertainment, work & business phone. Do note that S4 itself is a complicated machine already which requires some time to master all the features if you want, thus start with this phone first. This is because the predecessors will be more and more complicated to use or at least, a waste if they are only used for social & entertainment purposes only. Once again, I would like to thank you for your time in reading my reviews, please comment if I have provided any wrong information as well as my crappy english. Stay tune for my next review which will be focusing on the features available in the Samsung Galaxy S4!


My Rating For This Phone:  4/5


Introduction Video By Samsung Mobile: